STAYING SEXY AT 20, 30, 40... (August 2001)

March 13: Ever since the Iowa-born Gish turned 30, she feels like she's finally been able to exhale. "Aaaah, I'm 30," says the X-Files costar. "I have the anxiety of my 20s out of the way."

So, no more compulsive exercising: Now she alternates long hikes with boxing and spinning. No more obsessive dieting: Instead the 5'8" Gish avoids dairy products but otherwise eats what she likes, in moderation, and drinks lots of water. And no more slavish devotion to style trends.

"There doesn't need to be one definition of beauty and sexiness," she says. "A true sense of fashion is individual style, and that can only be enhanced when you know who you are."

Which Gish, who's single, definitely does. "I like my awkward qualities, like my klutziness," she says. "I feel better in my bones than I ever have."

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