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Annabeth: Hi everybody.

Question: I remember from the last chat that you said you were a fan before you became a part of the show - any favorite episodes?
Annabeth: I think I watched the show for the first 2 years pretty regularly. One of my favorite episodes was "Home". It was one of my favorites cause it freaked me out so much. I really honestly loved the episode that Duchovny directed. Not the baseball one, but the dance one.

Question: You were wonderful in Mystic Pizza. And as Monica Reyes, you are doing great!!! What do you like most about your character?
Annabeth: I love the fact that she's open-minded. That's she's spiritual and also very cerebral. To balance the pragmatism with the spirituality.

Question: Robert Patrick got a raw welcome to the show. How has yours been? (Hopefully better?)
Annabeth: It's a difficult show to enter into cause the fan base is so loyal to the original cast, so I was nervous coming into it. To sort of please the loyal fan base, but so far I think it's been good. At least I hope so.

Question: Are you going to play your character as more of a believer or skeptic?
Annabeth: Definitely a believer. She's very much like Mulder in that she maintains a belief in a big world and a bigger entity. As a matter of point, Chris wanted Reyes to be sort of right there in the middle. She doesn't know enough about alien abduction to say yes she knows. She just trusts that there is something larger.

Question: Hi Annabeth !!! Glad to have new blood on the show!!! Now that Season 9 is a go (gawd help us), what do you hope for your character? You're coming back, right???
Annabeth: I hope so. And I think season 9 will offer more of that new infusion of blood and energy with Robert who has so enlivened a new direction. I hope to add to that.

Question: In your back story for Reyes, what was her relationship with Doggett, and will that play out in Season 9, do you know?
Annabeth: I would imagine that it would play out and be discovered as we go. I do think that Chris and Frank have an idea of what has happened before between Doggett and Reyes.

Question: From what I hear tonight's episode has some good Scully and Reyes scenes. What kind of relationship do you think Scully and Reyes will form? We've never had two strong women regularly on the series and I think it's refreshing.
Annabeth: Thank you and as do I. There are some wonderful scenes tonight and it sort of lays the groundwork for a future friendship between the two women that is a nice new element to the X-Files. And plus the fact that working with Gillian has just been a joy.

Question: Can you ever see yourself writing and directing any X-Files like Duchovny did?
Annabeth: Hey, Gillian did as well. And they both has served as great examples of carrying the acting ability into a larger capacity which I would aspire to do as well, but not for a long time. I'm still finding my legs on the show.

Question: Hi Annabeth!!! We were wondering if you could tell us more about the VH1 movie you're doing this summer? -Love, the crazy girls that were on location for This is Not Happening.
Annabeth: I remember you. I'm in Houston, TX working on a movie called When The Music Stops for VH1. It's about Salsa dancing. I'm reunited with the choreographer of Shag, Kenny Ortega, who also choreographed Dirty Dancing. So it's going to be hot.

Question: Hi Annabeth ! I was just wondering if you still remember how to shag (the from filming the movie?
Annabeth: Absolutely, especially because after I filmed Shag, I went to school at Duke in North Carolina and the Shag was still being danced there.

Question: What's the craziest thing a fan has done for you?
Annabeth: I've gotten some pretty crazy letters and a couple of bouquets of flowers from nameless sources that have wigged me out. But all in all I keep a pretty low profile.I'm not that bothered.

Question: Is there a charity that you support?
Annabeth: Yes I'm very involved with my home town, Albuquerque Hospital. And I'm big supporter of children and animals.

Question: What is your favorite song on the new Train CD Drops of Jupiter? I remember you saying that you just bought it ! -Love, Ashleigh.
Annabeth: Mississippi.

Question: Hey Annabeth! Are there any actors or actresses that have been role models for you or that you greatly admire?
Annabeth: Yes absolutely, I tremendously admire, Jessica Lange, Meryl Streep, but those are pat answers because everybody knows they're great. I basically admire actresses that are in it for the work, not just to be a star. Marcia Gay Harden. Gillian is another example. And I also love female comedians, Goldie Hawn. They're effervescent and bright.

Question: Can you give us any insight on the season finale of the X-Files?
Annabeth: Of course not.

Question: How hard was it to get a job on the X-files, and was it scary to take on a role with such a cult following?
Annabeth: I had to go through many hoops to get the jobs in terms of auditioning for Chris and Frank and the X-Files team. And the entire Fox crew as well. And had I thought of the fan base while I was working, I would have been completely intimidated so I had to put that out of my mind, otherwise, I would have been to insecure.

Question: Has there been any talk of another X-FILES movie? There's certainly a lot of interest :-)
Annabeth: As far as I know I'm sure there will be but I'm just focused on fulfilling my role in the episodes on the series.

Question: Hey Annabeth! After your done shooting, what do you enjoy doing in your free time? -Dan.
Annabeth: Well, while I was shooting the X-Files there was no free time. But I love to hike. And I practice yoga and I love to read and to dance.

Question: What was it like making SLC Punk? It's such an interesting character piece.
Annabeth: It was so much fun. The best part was the different wig in every scene. So the hair color was a big joy.

Question: Who is your favorite character on the X-Files?
Annabeth: Well Mulder and Scully have always been such stable character to rely on. But CSM has been interesting.

Question: Are you getting together with anyone to watch the finale tonight? I heard that Gillian was getting together with the Patricks (If they could get a babysitter :-) )
Annabeth: Yeah, the troop around me here in Houston, we're having a little get together to watch. Although I hate watching myself on television.

Question: What is your favorite part about the character you play 'Special Agent Reyes'?
Annabeth: The thing that intrigues me most about Monica is that it parallels me in many ways. She's open-minded but she needs to have a clear head as well. So the challenge of being a cerebral person and a spiritual person is a tough balance to hold. So I'm curious to see where that goes this year. She's empathic and yet intelligent.

Question: How do think the fans will respond to the last episode?
Annabeth: I think they'll be pleased. I think it's an exciting episode. It goes into a new territory and it will open a whole new field of exploration. blah, blah, blah. I'm kidding.

TV Guide Online: Thank you Annabeth! We can't wait for tonight's episode! Please come back and talk with us soon!
Annabeth: Thank you so much for your questions. I look forward to more intrigue and discussion.
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