IT'S ABOUT FAITH (November 2001)

"The X-Files'" Annabeth Gish notes that she's turning into the spiritual voice on the sci-fier. From the beginning of the series, Agent Scully (Gillian Anderson) was the resident skeptic, while Agent Mulder (the now departed David Duchovny) was the believer in all things other wordly and paranormal. Gish, who joined the series the end of last season as Agent Monica Reyes, says her character's beliefs are based in faith.

"I have a lot of spiritual ideas and intuitive power," says Gish. "And I think they're really going to explore that with my character in terms of how that plays into the FBI work and the work on the X-Files." Gish adds, "It's great as an actress to have your directors telling you 'It's very important for you to 'See more... feel more... you're having a psychic intuition right now, play it, channel it... '" If she doesn't get it right the first time, Gish quips, "I can just say 'Oh, well, my muse wasn't here. Hold on, I have to say a couple more 'Oms.'"

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