Classified info: X-Files star Annabeth Gish keeps motivated with a mix of cycling, weight lifting and hiking.

Annabeth Gish does all she can to avoid falling into a fitness rut. To stay strong and slim for her recurring role as FBI special agent Monica Reyes on The X-Files, the 30-year-old actress varies her workouts.

"I need to do a lot of different things so I don't lose interest," she says.

One day, she'll take a group cycling class; the next she'll head out for a solo hike. Annabeth also works out two or three days a week with trainer Ashley Borden.

"Ashley is a great source of fitness and nutrition information," she says.

The Workout.
2 or 3 days a week: A one-hour weight-training workout using 5- to 10-pound weights. Exercises include flyes, curls, chest presses, arm rows, wall squats and lunges.
1 or 2 days a week: A 40-minute Spinning class at West Hollywood's Body & Soul Gym.
1 day a week: A 90-minute yoga class at Los Angeles' Yogaworks or a Pilates class.
2 days a week: A one-hour hike in the canyons of L.A.

What She Eats.
Annabeth primarily follows a protein-rich diet. Breakfast is typically coffee with soy milk, oatmeal sprinkled with protein powder and scrambled egg whites. Lunch is grilled tuna or salmon, a green salad and brown rice. Dinner is another salad paired with a high-protein food such as turkey. She avoids red meat and drinks eight to 10 glasses of water a day. Favorite snacks include fruit, rice cakes with peanut butter and protein bars.

Favorite Indulgence.
Ice cream. "If it's sweet and cold, it's got my name on it."

Biggest Motivator.
Protecting her health. "I want to live a long, happy life."

Sanity Savor.
Making smart career choices. "My parts have always been about who the person is rather than what she looks like. I don't think women should succumb to the ideal of having a perfect body - it makes you crazy."

Next Challenge.
To learn tango. "Dancing is a great physical and emotional release," says Annabeth.

Fitness Tip.
Find an exercise buddy. "Having someone to train with can be a really great motivator."
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