The X-Files co-star Annabeth Gish told SCI FI Wire that she is disappointed by the steep decline in the show's ratings this season, its first without the presence of David Duchovny (Agent Mulder) on even a part-time basis. "It is disappointing when you work this hard," Gish (Agent Monica Reyes) said in an interview. "We want to uphold the legacy of something that's been so successful, but, at the same time, the only thing I can take responsibility for is knowing my lines, doing the best job I can possibly do and hoping all good things."

Gish--who stars with Gillian Anderson (Agent Scully) and Robert Patrick (Agent Doggett)--added, "There is something to be said for the fact that The X-Files is a mythological thing. And Scully and Mulder are certainly myths, legends, in and of themselves. So I have to be realistic in the sense that when it's time for a show to go, it's time for a show to go."

The X-Files is in its ninth season, with Duchovny gone and Anderson there to remind longtime fans of what once was. "I just have to be grateful for what it is now," Gish said. "They've done a great job of trying to integrate us into this old franchise. Who knows what will come? But I couldn't speculate on what that will be like." The X-Files airs on Fox at 9 p.m. Sundays.

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