UP FRONT: FOUR KEEPS (October 2003)

Annabeth Gish & Wade Allen: Marrying on the Pacific coast, The West Wing's Annabeth Gish felt as if she were floating on air. Well, almost. "The wedding started just as the wind was active," says Gish, 32. "My veil was vertical at one point."

Krav Maga instructor Wade Allen, 31, and Gish, who was starring on The X-Files, were introduced in '01 by the show's executive producer Chris Carter. Engaged since December, the couple invited 100 guests - and their golden retriever Lola, who served as the flower girl - to the Sea Ranch Lodge, three hours north of San Francisco.

"For Wade and me, nature is our church," says Gish, who chose a Le Spose Di Gio gown because it had "a little bohemian vibe to it."

Next up: a weeklong honeymoon. "We're going to Hawaii, but I don't know where. Wade planned it all," she says. "He's a good man."

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