With the ongoing drumbeat about the horrors of aging for Hollywood actresses, it's refreshing to come across something upbeat for a change. "I've found that being in my thirties I'm really getting the opportunity to stretch as an actress, and I love it," says Annabeth Gish. "And I'm still able to fight the effects of gravity," she adds, laughing.

Gish, who has gone from playing first daughter Elizabeth Bartlet on "The West Wing" to the recent "Stephen King's Desperation" miniseries - now has Showtime's "The Brotherhood" series debuting July 9. In it, she plays the wife of a Providence, R.I., politico - with a secret. She has a substance abuse problem. "It's a complex, meaty role," she tells us.

Jason Clarke plays the politic and Jason Isaacs plays his brother, who's a mobster, in the show inspired by the real-life Bulger brothers of Boston (William, the former state senator and university president, and James "Whitey" Bulger, who wound up one of the FBI's most-wanted fugitives.) Next up, Gish is starting rehearsals for an L.A. production of "King Lear," in which she's playing Regan. "Again," she says, "it's the variety I'm finding at this age, and I'm thrilled."

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