She's played the daughter of on-screen presidents real (Richard Nixon) and fictional (Josiah Bartlett of "The West Wing"). So, it's no shock that actress Annabeth Gish rocks as the sometimes-bad girl wife of a Rhode Island state representative in Showtime's "Brotherhood." The season two finale of the drama airs Dec. 2 at 10 p.m.

Express: Politics keeps showing up in your roles. Why is it so entertaining ?
Annabeth: I think politics is extremely dramatic. Doing these roles, you realize that there are masks, certain faces you have to present to people in the public arena. It's a negotiation of image and presentation, and having to be always aware of political correctness.

Express: Would you ever run for office?
Annabeth: I don't think I would. But doing "Brotherhood" makes me appreciate leaders I do choose to support, who provoke social change.

Express: Your "Brotherhood" character, Eileen, has a definite dark side. What's it like to play her?
Annabeth: Ironically, it's been completely liberating. I think we all have our dark places and shadowy sides. It's been freeing to portray a character who lives in a morally ambiguous place. Cable's a good place for that.

Express: What can we expect from her as season two comes to a close?
Annabeth: In season one, Eileen was not doing the right thing. This season, she's been trying to carve out who she is without committing more sins.

Express: What's home like in L.A.?
Annabeth: It's our sanctuary. My husband and I never have to go on vacation. It's got a warm, Zen kind of decor with natural colors and wood floors. We have lush plants in our yard, and since we have a 10-month-old son who loves trees, he's in his element.

Express: Any favorite items on display?
Annabeth: We collect black and white photography. And my husband [Wade Allen] is a stunt man, so his prized possession is a huge Italian cinema John Wayne poster.

Express: What sort of parties do you throw ?
Annabeth: I don't believe in themes, since we're really easy-going. The only requirement at our parties? That people don't mind bare feet and lots of red wines. Wade will grill, and I'll make some pasta or something.

Express: I understand you practice yoga.
Annabeth: I've been doing it since college. It's yoga and meditation together, and it's necessary for me to calm my neurotic mind. It doesn't always work.

Express: Who are your go-to designers for the red carpet?
Annabeth: I'm a fan of Jenni Kayne, and I've got a lot of Rag & Bone. But since I'm a new mom, I really try to spend time with my son, rather than getting ready. The only thing is my lust affair with shoes. I'm really into Loeffler Randall. One pair of pumps I've got should be in a museum.
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