An ecomom Star is someone who looks at the world and says not, “Something must be done” but asks rather, “What can I do?” An ecomom Star is someone who, day after day, shows up in the best way she (or he) can, to support more healthy, happy, and sustainable living on this planet we all share. Meet today’s ecomom Star, actress and mother Annabeth Gish. I’ve long admired Annabeth’s skill as an actor – she first won my heart as the little sister in Mystic Pizza, and then in the dance scene in Shag, and her career continues to thrive. But it’s as a mom that it seems she really shines brightest. With two boys, Cash 4 1/2 and Enzo, almost 3, Annabeth is an inspired ecomom, doing her best to make healthy choices for her family and our world. Here, she answers our ecomom Star questions…

Q. What is your favorite word and why ?
A. ABIDE which can be defined as “ to wait” or “to bear patiently.” Motherhood has made me understand the idea of patience, endurance, consistency, the idea of “staying the course.”

Q. Most embarrassing moment as a mom ?
A. Well, damn, I have to admit I locked my children in my car… That ranks, right? In the moment of it happening it was terrifying, but now in hindsight, it’s pretty much the most embarrassing experience as a mom. We were over at our friends’ house and it was early evening. With my older son already buckled in his car seat I was buckling in my youngest son, and I absentmindedly set my keys in the door pocket. Thinking we were all set to go I closed the car door and lo and behold, the car automatically locked itself with the car keys inside. Thank God for my friends and for AAA who were there in less than 10 minutes. We kept my boys calm by singing songs, dancing and making it funny rather than scary. I can’t believe I’m sharing it, but I guess there is humor in admitting our mommy mistakes?!? Anybody else?

Q. What does being an ecomom mean to you ?
A. It means making conscious, educated decisions for the welfare of my children and for the planet we all inhabit.

Q. What is your favorite snack ?
A. Kale chips.

Q. What or who inspires you the most ?
A. Music, trees, good books—anything that reveals the act of reaching for greatness or connection.

Q. What is your idea of perfect happiness ?
A. I experienced perfect happiness over this past 4th of July holiday. We went camping as a family with good friends. To have my husband and sons together under one pitched roof, all sleeping soundly with fresh mountain air, lots of trees and a sky filled with stars around us was bliss for me.

Q. What is your favorite ecomom Approved product(s) ?
A. There are so many products on ecomom that I adore, but here a few of the items that I honestly use on a daily basis:

SmartyPants vitamins: I feel good about getting vitamins and eco friendly fish oils together with Vitamin D in one vitamin. At first I was hesitant to use because of the gummy factor, but because they have a small amount of cane sugar (5 g) and we brush after taking them with breakfast, I love that my guys are getting what they need in something they like to take.

EO Lavender Hand Sanitizing Gel: Though I am not a germ-phobe and do believe it’s good for kids and adults both to get dirty, I have spray bottles in every bag and every car. Even my husband knows where the “lavender stuff” is kept. I like it as an alternative to good old hand-washing after visits to airports, grocery stores and museums.

Dapple Toy and Surface Cleaner: I also use this everywhere when I need to clean in the house or any other spot. It’s safe, effective and easy to use.

Boon Potty Seat: We are in the midst of a “gentle potty training exploration” (how’s that for a soft mission statement!) with my youngest son and we love this seat. It has a storage area for toilet paper and a book or two! And it’s a bit more modern and discreet than other pottys!

Green Toys: We have garbage trucks, fire trucks, sandwich kits and sand toys by this company. I love all of their products!

For all you do Annabeth, as a woman, mom, actor, and the Chief Operating Officer of your home, thank you and congratulations on being an ecomom Star! Follow Annabeth on Twitter and like her on Facebook.

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