After Annabeth Gish moderated a panel of speakers from Students Rebuild and CARE last Sunday, October 14 at the MOT, we caught up her and asked a few questions about the One Million Bones challenge!

For your Students Rebuild YouTube video, I have to ask ó where did the MRI images come from in the bone you made?

[Laughter] My husband recently had knee surgery so we had some MRI film lying around!

How did you get involved with CARE?

I got involved with CARE about a year and a half ago. After I became a Mom, I felt I wanted to do more than attend events and write checks. I was inspired by people like Christy Turlington Burns/Every Mother Counts, people taking action and working ďin the field.Ē So I called Atlanta [CAREís headquarters] and they put me in touch with Sarah Moser [CARE Communications Manager.] I saw the Albuquerque bone laying video and because it was so effective and because I was born in Albuquerque, it really resonated with meÖthis mission of true hands-on effort through art-making for a powerful political statement.

You really got into making your bone for the YouTube video ó are you an artist?

[Laughter]. Maybe Iím a rouge artist ó Iím creative in theory but then implementing that idea is completely another thing! Letís just say Iím not the one my sons ask to draw them a picture. They already know I speak and feel better than I paint. But I have the artistic impulse and I value it tremendously. I just especially like the idea of making something with your hands as an expression of compassion, empathy and political statement. With the Students Rebuild/One Million Bones project there is a unifying force ó everyone has bones. No matter where we live, what we experience, the color of our skin, we are all the same. Thereís something reverential and sacred about bones.

What are your thoughts about our Museum of Tolerance One Million Bones challenge event?

The MOT is one of my favorite museums in L.A. It holds a lot of story, a lot of emotion. Itís a fitting place for this event. Being here today amidst the bones and bone - makers that have shown up for the event, I feel inspired to do moreómaybe have a bone making party of my own. I plan to be in Washington D.C. in June for the National Mall event. I want to be there to participate and witness the visual impact of so many beautiful bones!

Join Annabeth Gish and take the challenge!
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