Thereís a new woman in the presidentís life on Scandal, and sheís ready for the heat.

Actress Annabeth Gish made her debut last night as Lillian Forrester, a respected reporter who meets Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) to write a big article about him and winds up getting asked out on a date, instead. She has a big crush on him, heís on the rebound from breaking up with Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and his divorce from Mellie (Bellamy Young). But in the world of Scandal, no romance is as simple as dinner and a movie, especially when it involves the POTUS.

Yahoo chatted with Gish about joining the cast of Scandal, plus the big finale of The X-Files on Monday.

Lillian had a very interesting introduction last night! How did you get involved with the show?

When Shonda Rhimes or Scandal calls and says would you like to come play on our show, you pretty much say yes. Without knowing too much about it, I was able to see a pre-bio of the character and it seemed like a wonderful opportunity to join in the Shondaland brilliance.

Other than being a reporter, we donít know much about Lillian. How would you describe her?

Obviously one of the things that Shonda and her team does best is write smart, capable, intelligent, and feisty women. I think all four of the adjectives describe Lillian. Sheís savvy. I think anybody whoís a reporter in Washington has an edge and knows the drill.

Sheís getting romantically involved with Fitz, though that doesnít seem like the best idea, considering how his last two relationships ended.

Correct! This is true. One would think she might be a little wary. And wary of Olivia Pope, as well!

And are you wary of Olivia and Fitz fans? Theyíve got a very ardent fanbase.

Indeed, even for me, as a fan of the show, itís this super-heightened love story and so yes, of course itís a little daunting to of standing in the way of that. Itís also a fantastic, juicy role on a juicy show.

Do you think heís ready for a new relationship?

Probably not. [laughs] Knowing the epic nature of their relationship, neither one of them probably are.

We know you canít reveal much about upcoming episodes, but what can you tease about Lillianís future on Scandal?

Well, I think the preview that they aired last night at the end of the episode is as about as feisty as it gets. I donít need to say anything. Just watch that preview. Itís pretty spicy!

There are already fan theories about Lillianís motives ó sheís a B613 spy, sheís planning to write a tell-all. What do you think about these theories?

I think fans have an amazing ability their own fascinating epic stories [laughs]. Itís great! I mean that as a compliment. Itís a testament to their investment in the show and to talented peopleís imaginations.

Scandalís cast members are very active on Twitter. Will you jump into the live-tweeting and all of that, too?

I donít know! Iím sort of shy in that arena. But I also realize the incredible value of conversing with fans. I think with X-Files, too, the ability to have a connection with fans is invaluable. Itís sort of a human thing ó once people have access to each other, hopefully it takes away the hierarchy.

So, what can you say about The X-Filesí finale?

Thatís coming out on Monday night, and Iím excited for the audience to see the return of Monica Reyes, as well.

And does it go out with a bang?

It does, but itís an emotional one. My character, in particular, plays a pivotal role in revealing whatís been happening for the last 10 years, and why. Itís a very revealing episode.

Does it wrap everything up, or leave some questions unanswered?

Itís The X-Files, so there are always questions to be searched and sought after, right? [laughs] The truth is endlessly sought after.

So, thereís a chance it could come back?

I donít know! I donít know what Fox has planned, but I certainly think the audience and numbers have shown that thereís a massive hunger for the show.
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