As The X-Files has its explosive finale tonight, it will be with Annabeth Gish reprising her role as Special Agent Monica Reyes. Reyes hasn't been seen since the original series finale in 2002, and LA Fan Cultures Examiner conducted an interview with Annabeth last week to discuss how she was able to step back into her badge and what it was like to resurrect the character

"It was a pleasure and I was so excited," she enthused of getting the call to come back into the fold. "I think I've always straddled the line of being an actor on the show, but also a fan of the mythology and the show. So as both a fan and an actor, I was just ecstatic to be invited to come back and reprise the role of Monica."

While we can't say anything about just how Reyes reappears in the lives of Mulder and Scully, Annabeth said that there will be an explanation as to where the character has been. "They're really good about giving you the information you need to know when you need to know it," she said, "and then since it's the end, I'm sure people will have all sorts of theories that will stem from there."

One thing Reyes won't have is her partner and one-time love interest John Doggett, played by Robert Patrick, who is not part of the new X-Files. So how was it for Annabeth to continue on without her character's other half?

"I felt a big void without Robert," she admitted, "just out of sentiment and nostalgia and because I freaking adore the person. I adore Robert. There was definitely a void for me without him on the show, but they make it make sense. It's a very specific relationship that I have and a lot is revealed about Monica in the last episode."

We asked her how she then reconnected with the character after so long away from Reyes and her world. "It's sort of a paradox," she explained, "because yes, it's a little surreal and weird because it's been a while, but at the same time it's easy and comfortable and familiar. It was literally both of those things at the same time, where you're thinking wait it's been years since I've played Monica, but once you're in you realize the character is still there. It made me wonder and think a lot about other characters and where they go once you've let them go."

"It reignited my love for the show and my fascination with the subjects they look at," Annabeth continued. "The sort of mysteries and questions, conspiracy theories. I missed that kind of inquisition."

Since the end of The X-Files, she has been part of a number of other great TV shows, including starring roles in Showtime's award-winning drama Brotherhood and FX's crime thriller The Bridge, and recurring parts on ABC Family's cult hit Pretty Little Liars and FX's critically acclaimed program Sons of Anarchy. Which other roles have stuck with her?

"Brotherhood is certainly one of my favorites. I have a special place in my heart for Eileen Caffee," she said. "I've had a great run on cable lately between Sons of Anarchy, The Bridge and Brotherhood." She also recently appeared in the Scandal episode "The Candidate," which aired on Feb. 18 on ABC.

But to a whole generation of fans, Annabeth will always be Special Agent Monica Reyes, and it's great to have her back in the picture and hopefully get some resolution to her part of the X-Files story. Check her out when The X-Files concludes tonight at 8 p.m. on FOX.
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