It’s a family, so it felt really good to go back,” Gish tells TheWrap’s Stuart Brazell.

According to Annabeth Gish, getting back into the mindset of her “X-Files” character Monica Reyes was easy as could be.

“It was like slipping back into a pair of comfortable shoes,” Gish told TheWrap’s Stuart Brazell at TheWrap Studios. “I love the character, and I love the cast and the crew. It’s a family, so it felt really good to go back.”

Gish first appeared on “The X-Files” beginning with the 2001 episode “This Is Not Happening,” in which Agent Reyes helps Agent Doggett (Robert Patrick) investigating the sudden reappearance of several UFO abductees. She stayed with the series until it concluded in 2002.

And while 14 years have passed, Gish believes that the series is as relevant as ever. “Chris Carter has this amazing ability to tap into what is relevant,” she said. “All of the conspiracy theories, all of the fears, all of the sort of big brother ideas are obviously still relevant and maybe even more so now because of technology and social media.”

“There’s also this chemistry between Scully and Mulder that’s fun, but serious and dark,” she continued. “It’s just all of these layers and levels of what makes a show great.”
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