They just announced you will be a part of “Scandal.” What can you tease about your character?
Annabeth: I can’t say anything. I can only say that I am excited to join the show. I’m going to be reoccurring this season in what I think is a very fun and exciting role.

Were you a fan of the show prior to joining this season?
Annabeth: I am only a binge watcher in terms of shows. I rarely sit down to the television. I have two boys and my husband and I maybe will start a show (like we’re watching “Fargo” now) and catch up. I think with “Scandal” I watched a few episodes the first season and it is a show that you just can’t stop watching.

We’re getting to see you as Monica Reyes on “The X-Files.” How did you get to be a part of the revival?
Annabeth: I had heard about it happening and was hoping I would get a call. Chris [Carter] said to come back and play Monica. I was able to go to Vancouver. When I shot on the show for the last two years it aired we filmed in LA. So, it was nice to go back to where it all began. I was thrilled and excited. I was disappointed because Robert [Patrick] wasn’t a part of it because Dogget and Reyes are partners, but I certainly understand he is busy with his show “Scorpion.”

Was it like revisiting an old friend with Monica and Gillian [Anderson] and David [Duchovny]?
Annabeth: It was a little bit of both! I have never revisited a role after twelve years. I didn’t even think I would revive the role of Monica so to go back and visit was partly surreal because so much had changed and yet it was easy and comfortable to slip back into the shoes of a character I lived for two years. So, it was a real pleasure.

Where do we pick back up with Monica? Has she kept in touch with Scully?
Annabeth: If I told you that…I would be giving away the entire end.

So many people loved the Scully/Reyes relationship. Some saw it as a sisterly relationship and some saw a more romantic relationship between them because of their bond. Talk a little bit about their connection.
Annabeth: I think it is a very nice feature that they wrote into the show when it began. When Reyes came on, Scully was indoctrinating Reyes into the world of “The X-Files” with kindness and warmth. So, there was definite friendship. What’s so great about “The X-Files” world is some of the fan-fiction that is out there people can project all sorts of stories onto characters that are all plausible. I’ll be curious to see where people go with this when they see my return.

Are you ready for the instant fan feedback you will be receiving?
Annabeth: I think so! Yeah…As with anything like “The X-Files,” there is always a turn or a mystery that can surprise and excite.

What was your first day back on set like for you?
Annabeth: Gillian and I had met for coffee here and there over the years and kept in touch and the same with David. But there is nothing like everyone being on location together and reuniting in that way on set. Once you are back and you have already worked together, it’s like getting back into a rhythm. It’s great!

What was it like putting yourself back into Monica’s wardrobe and that persona?
Annabeth: It was great! Like I said before, it was just a really pleasant return visiting an old friend.

If “The X-Files” continues on, are you open to more Monica?
Annabeth: I don’t know. I think what Chris is so genius in terms of where he takes things. I think the response has been so positive and the numbers have been great that it shows there is a market for it. So, who knows? Everyone is so busy. Gillian and David have different shows, but that is what is nice about the six episode run.

You seem to play a lot of strong, layered, multi-dimensional women. Are these characters you are drawn to and what is it about these women and their significance that you gravitate towards?
Annabeth: I think one of the best things that is happening right now is that people are writing roles for women that are complicated, strong and multi-dimensional. Of course, they are writing that because that’s how we really are. So, it’s always such a pleasure. I’m so grateful about how many diverse roles I’ve gotten to play and still playing in my 40’s. I feel there is so much going on that it is wonderful to be a woman in this business, especially in television.

Is there a role you’d like to play in the future?
Annabeth: There is not anything in particular, not a template. I think my career is an interesting diverse patchwork of roles and shows that I am kind of just keeping steady with that approach.

What have you taken away from your experiences working on a cult classic show like “The X-Files?”
Annabeth: I’ll tell you, it’s even more remarkable now with social media how massive the fandom for “The X-Files” is (and I mean that in a positive way). For me, “The X-Files” has always been more than just a job, role or paycheck because I’m fascinated by each and every episode. I always find some kernel of something that I find mind opening, which is not the case with a lot of shows. So, I’m still hooked and I think “The X-Files” always asks interesting, mysterious questions that I always want to pursue. I think that’s what I have gotten from the show – the value of that questioning process in a fun manner.

What hope fans take away from watching the revival of “The X-Files?”
Annabeth: That’s a hard question! I think I could easily say that “The truth is out there. Believe.”
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