The X-Files "My Struggle IV" Q&A — Annabeth Gish (March 2018)

What a shocking finale, right? Philes everywhere are still shaken by the presumable deaths of Walter Skinner & Monica Reyes. We'd like to believe nobody ever really dies in The X-Files. Mitch & Annabeth stepped up to answer some of your questions!

Monica was intense in MS4. How did it feel playing her one last time??
Annabeth: Sad and and a tad confusing... but I have always believed in and tried to play her commitment to Scully and saving William.

Thank you for bringing Monica Reyes to life! How hard was it to play her as kind of a traitor?
Annabeth: Soooooooo damn hard.....

I never doubted Monica or her loyalty to Scully and William, and I'm glad to have had her (and you) back despite the, let's say, questionable writing @annabethgish
Annabeth: Lol. Me too:)

What did u think when u read Monica’s ending?
Annabeth: I was deeply sad. I have always loved this character and every moment playing her — even when I questioned the truth of it.

No question, I just wanted to thank you for playing an extraordinary role. Monica Reyes brought a brightness to the show when it was needed. xo
Annabeth: Many thanks.

What was Monica's endgame, ultimately? It was to protect Mulder and Scully at all costs, and while she was in the league with the devil she had ulterioe motives. Chris Carter said it & we all knew it! Thank you the one and only Annabeth Gish for giving us Monica Reyes!
Annabeth: This is exactly what Chris told to me the entire time! So I had to believe!

We’ve been waiting for Redemption For Reyes all season long. What do you think was Reyes’ most redeeming moment?
Annabeth: In the end, in the alley when she tries to back up the vehicle we realize she’s been playing CSM the whole time to protect William, and that she’s never hurt Skinner;)

First thing I noticed in my Struggle IV was Monica’s hair! Annabeth, how do you get that beautiful volume?
Annabeth: Hmm. It’s called a wig;)

Thank you for playing Monica Reyes. What I like about her is how she was open & deeply empathic. That takes courage, to have an open heart. I don't see people like that IRL. Anyways wondering, if Monica survives, what would you like to see happen to her?
Annabeth: If she were alive she’d either be with Scully or Doggett and live happily ever after;)

I'm not going to lie, it took some time to grow accustomed to Monica. But I grew to love her. And Doggett. And regardless that we discovered at the end she WAS trying to help them, there's so MUCH left unexplored with her. A massive tragedy there.
Annabeth: I very much agree with this sentiment!

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