Anne Elizabeth Gish was born 13 March 1971 in the little American town Albuquerque in New Mexico. When Annabeth was 2 years old, the family Gish moved in Cedar Falls (Iowa), where her father proposed good work. Annabeth growed modest and conservative. From the childhood she trained such senses as honesty, sincerity, compassion, love to job. Annabeth learned at her brother and sister. She saw, how they stay adult. From 8 years old Annabeth took part actively in public work and played in local theatre. The theatrical debut for future actress took place, when she was in 3rd class. This was play "Wiley and the Hairyman", where Annabeth played role of the swamp. She dressed in the incredible robe. In that year Annabeth wrote in the copybook: "I want to be a star." Many years ago Annabeth said, that she hasn't concrete wishes relatively star's career. She decided to become actress already in adult age. Then she was searching for ways of self-expression. When Annabeth was child, she once wrote a fan letter to legendary actress Lillian Gish. The reply was discouraging. "It was wonderful of her to have taken the time to write," she recollects. "But Lillian said that acting can be a harsh kind of living and that there is a lot of talent and not enough work."

The parents of Annabeth - Robert (1940) and Judy (1941) are former university professors. Annabeth is the younger child in the family Gish. Her sister Robin (1961) is a usual teacher. Her brother Tim (1963) - employee in the furniture company. Robert and Judy Gish are very creative, emotional and sensitive people. Judy was coordinator of the programs for talent and gifted pupils in Cedar Falls before to resignation, that to help to daughter. The father is English professor of the University of the Northern Iowa. He specialized on the west and American literature. The stars dreams of younger daughter not like anybody. The parents wanted Annabeth go by their way. The actor's career is hard and inconstant. But the she insisted on that decision and they must get use and submit. However the parents refused to move in Hollywood.

After graduation of the Northern University High School (Cedar Falls, Iowa) in 1989, Annabeth taking a four year break from her career to attend Duke University and graduate cum laude with a degree in English. She liked to be a student and widen her abilities. She wanted to study, lives in community, to meet the new people, stroll in university’s town.

In 1985, won 700 claimants, Annabeth got her first role in cinema. It was film of Robert Redford "Desert Bloom" with John Voight, Ellen Barkin and JoBeth Williams. Later, the critics named that film "drama of nuclear century". This story involves Rose Chismore's youth. She flashes back and remembers her coming-of-age. Her recollections are sometimes less than sweet, particularly those of her troubled and alcoholic step-father. Her memories of Robin, her first-love, are much happier and she also recalls her colorful Aunt Starr - who's visit is fun but also detrimental to her family's health. The popularity collects rotations after cult movie "Mystic Pizza", where Annabeth played with Julia Roberts and Lili Taylor. This film talk about love adventures and worldly problems of three young girls, working in pizza house in fishing village Mystic. After that new roles coming as from horn of plenty. Today Annabeth's filmography count more than 30 different films. In "Wyatt Earp" (1994) her partner was Kevin Costner, in "True Women" was Angelina Jolie, in "Double Jeopardy" - Tommy Lee Johnes and Ashley Judd. In 2001 Annabeth invited in "The X-Files", where she played the role of special agent Monica Reyes. First in the episode "This Is Not Happened", after that in more three episodes, before as entered in the principal staff. In summer 2003 Annabeth connected to "The West Wing", where played the role of oldest daughter of President. This role ought to work in independent romantic comedy "Knots", the shootings of witch were in spring of 2003. In October 2004 Gish started to shooting the film for ABC "Desperation", which based on the book of Stephen King. Before that she joined to the cult drama of Showtime "Brotherhood", success of witch surprised all waiting.

Annabeth always was a big fan of "The X-Files". She was a student, when FOX started first episodes. In the hostel was only one TV set. Every evening the students went to hall, that to watch the next episode of the show. Gradually that got in habit. Proving on the set of the show in 2001, she not believe in reality. Short role in "The X-Files" made her famous in all world and cheerful and reckless Monica Reyes became the most favorite character from all of her roles. Late Annabeth said in numerous interviews that before not was project, where she was so devoting to her character. Never she was part of so huge mechanism. "The X-Files" have their own life. Week by week, episode by episode, success by success. On the set of the show she passed through the hell. She worked 75-80 hours in the week. They usually worked 14-16 hours in day, because of what Annabeth almost not sleeping. The monsters, killers, explosions, special effects, jumps from 40 feet high. And this was not the full list of her tests. Robert Patrick was her lifeguard. He played the role of friend and partner of Monica Reyes - agent John Doggett. By the words of Annabeth, she would not survive without him. "I love him very much. As friend" - repeat Annabeth all time.

On the set of "The X-Files" Annabeth found world fame... and her future husband. "It proves, that my choice of career was huge, huge blessing" - said Annabeth. Chris Carter introduced Annabeth and Wade to each other. Wade Edward Allen (1972) is a Krav Maga instructor. He must learn Annabeth the necessary methods, but she fell in love. Something eerie happened on the set of "The X-Files" in December 2001, but it didn't involve extraterrestrials, telekinesis or spirits raised from the dead. It was then that co-star Robert Patrick watched her meet Wade and observed, "That's the man you're going to marry." Within a week Annabeth, who has a recurring role as President Bartlett’s eldest daughter on "The West Wing", agreed to shop for a Christmas tree with Allen. The date led to a romance and a proposal a year later, when the couple went tree-hunting again and Allen pointed out the perfect one: it had a diamond and platinum ring dangling from a bough. They got married October 11th, 2003 in Sea Ranch Lodge on the ocean's shore. At the end of the year the famous American magazine "InStyle" include their wedding in the ten more remembering events of 2003.

Annabeth is a graceful brunette. She is 173 centimeters, that is why she "must wear styling clothes". She likes dark and sharp looks and coloring hair constantly. She is definitely a tomboy with the Jimmy Choo shoes. She is a pretty comfort-oriented, functional dresser. She like surfer-girl kind of stuff. She love bags and purses and accessories. Calvin Clain always works great for her. She also loves Ralph Loran and Michael Jacobs. And the designer Lu - Ellen from "The X-Files", who dressed her in theory.

Interests of Annabeth - tourism, yoga, reading, dinners with her parents and friends. She likes to dance, don't eat "red meat" and considers music as one of the best sources of the emotional food. Sarah McLachlan, Mindy Smith... She likes sincere music, which helping to relax and rest. This is a medicine for soul and heart. Annabeth (like Monica Reyes) has the inclination for spirit. She interesting different religions. In her free time, Annabeth walking with family, reading and going to the parties. She has two bad habits: Internet and songs of Back Street Boys. They calling the fits of nervous laughter of Wade. Annabeth don't likes household, but likes to cook and honors family traditions.

Annabeth is a big supporter of help to the people, especially to the children. Actress also involved in the problems of animals and surrounding ambience. She wants to found the method to unite all problems in one, because this is the most simply way to solve them. For a long time in the house of actress has lived a golden retriever Lola. In December of 2010 she adopted another dog (the same breed), named Brody.

Springtime 2006 American scientific magazine "Waterkeeper" published article of Annabeth, where she talking about contamination of surrounding ambiences and about the influence bad facts on the people. By the words of Annabeth every of six American women has very high level of mercury in the body. She was one of them. She lives in Los Angeles and can allow very many. Restaurants, best nutrition, personal trainer, yoga and other attributes of traditional and alternative medicine. But two years ago heavy metal toxicity, specifically mercury poisoning, became a real and alarming health threat for her. Annabeth can stabilize her factors and September 5th, 2006 good news was on the elbow rooms of the Internet: actress is 6 months pregnant. The difficulties of the first months of pregnancy has compelled Annabeth to refuse from play in the theatrical production "King Lear" and to go in Nova Scotia. Having returned in September, Annabeth shared her happiness with the fans and assured that the pregnancy processed without complications. Annabeth disappeared from the public eyes in the end of October after some public appearances.

Cash Alexander Allen born January 12th, 2007 at 09:52 AM in one of the best hospitals of Los Angeles - Cedars-Sinai.

In the beginning of 2008 Annabeth became pregnant again. But this became known only 18 July, when she, showing her big belly, attended the Showtime/CBS Television TCA party. In this time popularity of "Brotherhood" has taken greater turns and creators, corrected the plot, made her pregnancy a part of storyline and actress continued to play. Baby boy, who must born in November, but was born October 25th, 2008, was named by the Italian name Enzo. Enzo Edward Allen was born at 9:38 PM in one of the local hospitals of Providence (Rhode Island), where "Brotherhood" was filmed.

Annabeth lives in Beverly Hills with her husband, sons Cash and Enzo and golden retriever Brody.
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