Annabeth Gish was born as Anne Elizabeth Gish on March 13, 1971 in Albuquerque, New Mexico to Robert and Judy Gish. Annabeth joined the Gish family as the youngest child, growing up along side of her sister, Robin (born in 1961 & would go on to become a teacher), and brother, Tim (born in 1963 & now works at a furniture company).

Her family moved to the town of Cedar Falls, Iowa when she was 2 years old where her father had accepted a job working for the University of Northern Iowa as an English professor specializing in western and American literature. Growing up, she learned the value of honesty, sincerity, compassion, and working hard.

In 1979, Annabeth made her acting debut in her 3rd grade class play, “Wiley and the Hairyman”, taking the role of the swamp dressing in an incredible costume. Later that year, Annabeth wrote in her notebook, “I want to be a star.” It was the first indication of the her desire to become an actress which lead her to search for outlets to her self-expression including writing a letter to the legendary actress Lillian Gish. Although she received a response from the famous actress, Annabeth recalls the discouraging reply, “It was wonderful of her to have taken the time to write, but Lillian said that acting can be a harsh kind of living and that there is a lot of talent and not enough work.”

Despite the warnings of Lillian Gish and her parents who wanted a secure future for their daughter, Annabeth refused to give up on her dream. She even tried to talk her parents into moving to Hollywood to pursue her acting career, but they refused.

In 1989, Annabeth graduated from Northern University High School in Cedar Falls. She went on to attend Duke University. She enjoyed her studies and used the experience to widen her abilities while enjoying the experience of living in a new community, meeting new people, and the atmosphere of the University town. Annabeth graduated with a cum laude degree in English.

Annabeth secured her first professional role as the character Rose Chismore in the Robert Redford film “Desert Bloom”, working with John Voight, Ellen Barkin, and JoBeth Williams. The coming-of-age film focuses on Rose Chismore’s youth with flashbacks of her troubled and alcoholic step-father, her colorful Aunt Starr whose visit upsets the Chismore family routines, and her first love, Robin.

In 1988, Annabeth took the role of Kat Araujo in the cult classic “Mystic Pizza”, starring along side of Julia Roberts and Lili Taylor. The film follows the lives of two sisters and a friend who work as waitresses at Mystic Pizza and their romantic experiences in the fishing town of Mystic, Connecticut. Her performance was praised by critics and the role marked a turning part in Gish’s career, establishing her with steady work for years to come.

Currently, Annabeth Gish has appeared in over 30 films. Among her many roles, she notably appeared in the 1994 movie “Wyatt Earp” as Urilla Sutherland alongside an all-star cast including Kevin Costner, Dennis Quaid, and Gene Hackman. She was seen in the 1999 Tommy Lee Jones/Ashley Judd thriller “Double Jeopardy” as Angie Green/Angie Ryder. Gish has also made many appearances on television miniseries including as Euphemia Ashby in the CBS period drama “True Women” and as Ann Hampton in the 1994 post-civil war “Scarlett”.

In 2001, Annabeth landed the role of Special Agent Monica Reyes on the popular series, “The X-Files”. Gish had always been a fan of the series. During her college years, her dorm only had one television, and many fellow students would routinely gather to watch “The X-Files” together.

Her first appearance in “The X-Files” was in the 8th season’s episode, “This is Not Happening”. She became a series regular after 3 episodes. The long 75-80 hour work weeks with 14-16 hours a day shoots along with special effects, stunts, explosions, and subject matter of monsters, killers, and conspiracy challenged resulted in lack of sleep and a full test of her skills. Still, Annabeth was devoted to her craft and to her character who would become one of her favorites. Through the experience, Robert Patrick, who portrayed Special Agent John Doggett, was by her side. Without him, Gish admitted she wouldn’t have survived. “I love him very much as a friend,” Annabeth has said of her relationship with Patrick.

The role on “The X-Files” not only brought her the fame she had written about years prior in her notebook, but also brought her together with her future husband. On the set of the series, Chris Carter introduced Gish to the show’s stunt man, Wade Edward Allen. Co-star Robert Patrick observed their first meeting and instantly predicted, “That’s the man you’re going to marry.” By the next week, Gish agreed to shop for a Christmas tree with Allen. The two began dating and when they went tree-hunting again the next year, Wade found the perfect tree with a dangling platinum and diamond ring hanging from one of the boughs to propose. The two were married on at the oceanside Sea Ranch Lodge on October 11, 2003. The wedding was included on the list of “In Style” magazine’s list of the most memorable weddings of 2003. Of her on-set romance, Gish said, “It proves, that my choice of career was a huge, huge blessing.”

In the summer of 2003, Annabeth took the role of President Bartlet’s oldest daughter, Elizabeth Bartlet Westin, in the critically acclaimed show, “The West Wing”. That same year, she began shooting the independent comedy, “Knots”. The following year, Gish filmed an adaptation of Stephen King’s book, “Desperation”. She joined the cast of Showtime’s “Brotherhood” portraying the memorable Eileen Caffee in the cult drama for 29 episodes.

In her personal life, Gish and Allen have 2 sons. Cash Alexander Allen was born on January 12, 2007 at 9:52 am at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Las Angeles, California. During her tenure filming “Brotherhood”, Gish became pregnant again, so her pregnancy was written into the series. Son Enzo Edward Allen was born was born on October 25, 2008 at 9:38 pm in Providence, Rhode Island, where “Brotherhood” was filmed.

The following years brought continued success with roles in “FlashForward”, “CSI”, “Once Upon a Time”, “Pretty Little Liars”, “Parks and Recreation”, “Sons of Anarchy”, “Scandal”, “Rizzoli & Isles”, and “Law & Order: SVU” among many others.

Standing at 5 feet 8 inches tall, Annabeth is a brunette who enjoys wearing stylish clothing. She prefers comfort-oriented and functional styles such as Jimmy Choo shoes, Calvin Kline, Ralph Lauren, Michael Jacobs, and Lu-Ellen from “The X-Files” who dressed her on the show. Gish is a fan of the surfer-girl look, with bags, purses, and other accessories.

Annabeth enjoys travel, yoga, reading, and dancing. She does not eat red meat, but does like to dine with her parents and friends. Gish enjoys music which brings out emotion such as the music of Sarah McLachlan and Mindy Smith. Like her character of Monica Reyes, Annabeth also has a spiritual side and interest in different religions. She lists her two bad habits as the internet and songs of the Back Street Boys. As most of us, Annabeth doesn’t enjoy housework, but does cook to continue the traditions of her family.

Helping others is especially important to Gish. She supports charities to reach to those in need, especially children. She’s also passionate about helping animals and keeping our environment clean for future generations.

Annabeth currently resides in Beverly Hills with her husband, two sons, and golden retriever, Brody.
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