Enzo & Cash


Full name: Cash Alexander Allen.
Nickname: Cashman.
Date and time of birth: January 12, 2007. 09:52 AM.
Place of birth: Los Angeles, California.
Hospital: Cedars Sinai Medical Center.

Name meaning: Till recent time name "Cash" was considered in USA as one of the most rare. In 2003 this name was included in the list of 1000 rare names. Some are prone to consider, that "Cash" it's short form of slavonic name "Casimir" (peacemaker). But from english it can be translated not otherwise, as "cash" or "money". In USA this name is famous due to singer and musician Johnny Cash.

Annabeth about name choice: Alexander means leader of men, which is auspicious. But he doesn’t have to be a leader if he doesn’t want to. And Cash was a name that my husband loved and chose… it’s kind of cowboy-esque. It’s the name that we always liked the most [during pregnancy] but popped a few more names into the ring to have options. We were going to wait to see what he looked like… even though we knew he was going to be Cash.



Full name: Enzo Edward Allen.
Date and time of birth: October 25, 2008. 09:38 PM.
Place of birth: Providence, Rhode Island.
Hospital: Women & Infants Hospital.
Weight: 7 lbs.

Name meaning: Enzo is an italian name, one of the diminutive forms of such names as Lorenzo or Vincenzo. In some sources this name mentioned as variation of Enrico or Henry. There also many versions of translation of "Enzo" from italian. One sources translate this name as "crowned by glory", others - as "ruler of the household" and "winner". In Italy this name is a brand, which is associated with Enzo Anselmo Ferrari - founder of a known all over the world auto company.

Annabeth about name choice: My husband is Italian with beautiful names like Adelmo Mezzano and Rose Andreoni in his family. Enzo just came to him one day, and when he suggested it, rather late in our pregnancy when we had almost committed to another name, it resonated perfectly. I loved it, my husband loved it, and most importantly our first child, Cash, loved it. We had solicited Cash's opinion on a few other names and he didn't like any of them. When we asked if he liked Baby Enzo, he immediately repeated it several times and shook his little blond head affirmatively. We took that as a good sign.
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