The Last To Go

Tyne Daly ages and ages (courtesy of a sympathetic makeup staff) as the matriarch of an upper-class Connecticut family. This TV movie traces the progress of that family - mother, father, three kids - from 1962 through 1984. We watch the children go through all the joys and heartache of maturity, and we see Ms. Daly's husband stray from the fold in the company of another woman. The one unifying factor throughout the years is the family's well-appointed suburban house. The title "The Last to Go" refers to Tyne Daly, who is the final person out of the house when it is finally put up for sale.

Character: Lydia.
Genre: Drama.
Director: John Erman.
Cast: Phillip R. Allen, Amy Aquino, Dori Brenner, Tyne Daly, Julianne Moore, David Spielberg and others.


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