The Cleaner

William Banks is a recovering drug addict that lives in Los Angeles, California. When his daughter Lula was born, Banks "made a deal with God", pledging that if he is given a second chance, he will end his drug abuse and help others end their addictions to drugs and alcohol. The show's intro states that Banks also helps people overcome addictions to sex and gambling, however, neither one has yet been the focus of an episode. The series centers around Banks and his small team of recovering addicts who work to help others in recovering from their addictions. He and his team will resort to unethical and illegal tactics in order to end their clients' addictions. His success at cleaning people's addictions has gained him the respect of the LAPD and other officials, who almost always turn a blind eye to the vigilante's methods. In fact, the LAPD and other law officials will frequently refer clients to Banks. Banks appears to believe that his work is a Calling and will therefore work pro bono if a client cannot afford his services.

Character: Barbara Hoffler.
Genre: Drama.
Episode: 01x03.
Director: Robert Munic, Jonathan Prince.
Cast: Benjamin Bratt, Kevin Michael Richardson, Grace Park.


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